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About Us

EZR is a full-service property management company. We serve residential and commercial property owners, but our focus – and where we excel – is in managing homeowners’ associations. There are three primary reasons for our success in HOA management: aligning our objectives with our clients’; an effective balance between technology and in-person service; and an educational approach to each client relationship.

Experience the EZR Advantage

Here’s what you get from EZR that you won’t get from most Memphis property management companies:

  • Quality: We take great care to preserve the value of your property. We don’t cut corners and we only bring in the most qualified professionals to handle improvements or repairs.
  • Communication: At EZR, we strive to make property management painless for you. We always keep you updated and informed with clear and honest communication.
  • Efficiency: We offer the area’s most exceptional service and value. We focus on maintaining your investment for the long run—ensuring the property is kept up and rentals remain at full capacity.
  • Integrity: At EZR, we make sure the job is always done right. We take great pride in our reputation as the Memphis area’s most trustworthy and reliable property management company.


Contact Us

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