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possibilities of using Caliber to manage your HOA

Sometimes there can be confusion surrounding the true value of a homeowners’ association. What may surprise some people is that there are great benefits to living in a community with an HOA. Below, we break down just a few of the positive attributes that come along with living in an HOA-managed community.

Property value

It’s been proven that there are higher property values in communities with an HOA. By maintaining amenities and by setting specific rules, the appearance of a community looks well-kept and its value increases. Studies have shown that homes managed by an HOA are more likely to sell by 5-6% than those without. Think about it! Living in a community managed by an HOA could increase your own wealth.


Since all residents contribute to HOA fees, communities are able to enjoy high-quality amenities. Not only do HOAs provide access to these amenities, but they also make sure they are well-maintained. Pool areas, playgrounds, beautiful landscaping and community areas are all great assets in a neighborhood. They also serve as incentives to buy or rent in a specific community, increasing property values.

Problem management

HOAs can deter unsafe activity by enforcing rules and regulations within the community. Creating certain regulations ensures the community will be orderly. HOAs can also help mediate disputes between neighbors so that issues can be dealt with neutrally.

At EZR, we serve residential and commercial property owners, but our focus – and where we excel – is in managing homeowners’ associations. There are three primary reasons for our success in HOA management: aligning our objectives with our clients’; an effective balance between technology and in-person service; and an educational approach to each client relationship. If you are interested in learning more about homeowners’ association management, contact EZR Management