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Managing a HOA and its community can be a time-consuming and demanding task – without the proper tools and resources. That’s why at EZR Management, we lean into technology and the efficiency it provides to simplify financial management, record-keeping, connecting with residents and more. Here are a few ways technology can enhance community living and HOA management.

Consistent communication

Technology offers constant and open communication opportunities when updates need to be shared with board members or with community residents. Whether it’s a mass distributed email, text message, robo call, social media post, app notification, etc., digital platforms allow for information to be widely spread; for deadlines to be met; and for residents to feel personally linked to their HOA.

Increase revenue

HOAs that prefer to stick to traditional methods of communication, such as printing hard copies, manual filing and mailed-in payments, can face frustrations. With access to user-friendly and affordable digital tools, HOAs can unlock untapped revenue potential and pave the way to long-term financial stability.

For example, EZR Management has access to special software to help facilitate living reserve studies. The software helps community associations implement a strategic reserve plan, which can help keep community finances healthy in the face of rising costs. The software gets rid of the need for multiple spreadsheets by integrating everything into one convenient place, keeping your business processes organized and efficient.

Speedy responses

When a resident has a question about their rent payment, maintenance request, etc., they expect a quick and helpful response. In fact, most of the negative feedback HOA managers receive is because of response time. Technology tools help HOAs become more efficient and swift when it comes to customer service.

For example, some technology offers automation for simple resident questions (which are received more frequently). This means that a resident will automatically receive an answer to their question once asked. You’ll typically see this automation for questions like account balance, maintenance request status, payment deadlines, etc. This allows HOA managers to focus on the more in-depth and time-consuming questions residents have.

The adoption of technology within the HOA industry has been a slow process, but EZR Management is dedicated to breaking the mold! Our digital platforms provide convenient and accessible ways for residents to connect, get their questions answered and stay informed. Interested in learning more about how we can service your community? Contact us today!